Video/Film Production & Digital Design

Mindframe Creations is a dedicated team of video producers and digital designers that will turn your ideas into reality. We have the resources to make your project a one-of a kind production. Our streamlined workflow assures high quality results that will save you time and money.

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Mindframe Creations can provide:

Video Production

From the short film Autumn Rose Deep Red.

Mindframe Creations has a full production team that can handle any aspect of your project from concept to casting in pre-production to the final cut and DVD in post. Projects can range from commercial spots and music videos to feature film production. We can create talking-head website videos, training tutorials, real estate walk-throughs and more.

Internet and Website Development

Screen captures from past web-based application development.

If your company needs a website makeover let us develop it with new and innovative design techniques along with web videos that will promote your brand and create a new and current identity for your company. Mindframe Creations uses a broad spectrum of current developer's tools to maximize the life span of your investment.

Mindframe Creations can supply your company with project scopes ranging from static websites to full interactive web-based applications, custom online training, Learning Management Systems (LMS), secure e-commerce packages, user management systems, flash-based interactive applications for the web, DVD, local machine, and devices such as smart phones and iphones.

CGI and Special FX

Work from the short film The Realization of the Inevitable.

Mindframe Creations can enhance your video project with 3-D modeling and animation as well as post effects and motion graphics.

Mindframe Creations is a commercial service with an artist's soul. We will work with you to develop your idea and make it come to life.

Contact us now and let Mindframe Creations open your eyes to a new frame of mind.

Experimental Work

- YouTube for Autumn Rose
- Vimeo for Realization
- Filmwing Production Pictures

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